Kasa Maid Agency has set up a web-site updated daily for the information and videos of the helpers. You can link up with our web-site and select helpers at home. We also provide locally available helpers for interview. You may also interview the potential recruits at our office through video-conferences. We assure you of our fast and convenient service.

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Hong Kong Singapore Malaysia Taiwan
Indonesia Negara Middle East
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Cooking Cooking Chinese Food Grocery shopping
Cleaning Washing Clothes Ironing
Car Washing Care of New Born Care of Child
Care of Elderly Care of Disabled Care of Pet

Labour license No.: 69540
POEA Accreditation No.: 10352461
印尼領事館經營牌照: 14544.225.VII.2022
孟加拉領事館經營牌照: 0978
Our Agency holds valid operating licenses issued by the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia & Bangladesh Consulates.